What? I Can't Vote?

When you read the Bible, you'll see that scriptures often talks about a kingdom, specificially the Kingdom of God.  In America and other western democracies those scriptures are read but rarely understood.  Do you need to understand what a kingdom is in your day to day life?  Yes, you do.  This is particularly true if you claim to be a follower of Christ and part of His Kingdom.  Let's take a look at a Kingdom  as opposed to a democracy.   

A close study of the roots of western democracy will reveal that it was a reaction and rebellion against a divine choice or feudal system of governing called a kingdom. In reality, America was built on rebellion against a kingdom.  America rejected a kingdom.  Her dream and guiding principles were independence, self-determination and individuality.  While these principles serve as the bedrock of western democracy, they remain contrary to the Kingdom principles. 

A kingdom and a democracy are two totally different worlds. That’s why it’s so difficult for believers who were born in a democracy to live a strong kingdom life. 

Characteristics of a King

  1. A king is never voted into power.
  2. A king is king by birthright. We don’t make a king a king.  All we can do is acknowledge a king as king.
  3. A king cannot be voted out of power.
  4. A king’s authority is absolute.
  5. A king’s word is law. No one can negate it or cancel it.  No one, but the king can change it.
  6. A king personally owns everything in his domain. The king owns everything and everyone in his domain.
  7. A king’s decree is unchanging. Once a king makes a decree, it becomes law.
  8. A king chooses who will become a citizen of his kingdom.
  9. A king embodies the government of his kingdom.
  10. A king’s presence is the presence of his authority.
  11. A king’s wealth is measured by his property.
  12. A king’s prosperity is measured by the status of his citizens.
  13. A king’s name is the essence of his glory.
  14. A king’s citizenry represent his glory.

We want to debate the issues or interject our own thoughts and opinions.  We try to reach consensus or compromise to keep everyone happy instead of recognizing that the King’s Word is law.  If God says that adultery is a sin, that is the word of the King, and His Word is the law.

The matter is not open for discussion.  We can debate God’s words and decrees until we are blue in the face, but in the end all we will have to show for it are blue faces. His word will still be the law. 

No matter what humanistic philosophy preaches from its pultpits in the schools and in our courts, God’s law is absolute. 

In a democracy, citizens can gather to protest government policies and form committees and groups to lobby the legislative bodies to change laws.

That doesn’t happen in a kingdom.  God’s word is absolute in His Kingdom, because it is set down for all to see in the Bible, which is the ‘constitution’ of the Kingdom of God.

If we claim to be living the Kingdom life, we cannot constantly be forming our own little groups to advance our own opinions or to challenge the Word of the King. As law, His Word is non-negotiable and immutable. 

We run into problems every time we try to carry our democratic mentality over into Kingdom life. 

In a democratic environment, we have been taught  governments operate by the will and vote of the people, even in choosing our own leader. In a  democracy every vote counts and every opinion is important.  The majority rules.  Not so in a kingdom.  The vote of the people means nothing in a kingdom, and only one opinion matters…the king’s.

There is no vote in the Kingdom of God; His Word is supreme and absolute. We do not vote for our leader; He is already in place and His is a permanent office.  God’s tenure as King is eternal, a reign that will never end, neither by death or conquest. 

In God’s Kingdom, our vote is of no importance. His opinion is all that matters; His will and ways supersede all others.  Majority doesn’t apply in the Kingdom of God. Even though a majority of the earth’s population lives in ignorance of and rebellion toward God, He is and will remain the sovereign King of creation.

There is no vote in the Kingdom of God; His Word is supreme and absolute.  




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