Map Your Vision

Just for a minute imagine something.  Imagine you want to take a cross country trip.  There are a couple of ways you could approach this trip.  
You could decide to take your trip with a bicycle.  In addition to the bicycle, you could decide to take the trip without a map or GPS. You decided you would go wherever the road would take you.  
Or you could decide to use a GPS.  Not only that, but you wouldn't be taking your trip on a bicycle.  You'd be taking your trip in a Porsche, with the 911 GTS R3, 520 HP engine.  With your GPS, you can program in your destination.  Not only that, you'd have tremendous, advanced power to get you to your destination. What a trip that would be.  
Many people pursue their destinies and callings as if they were taking a cross country trip on their bicycle, with no GPS.  But then...there are those travel their cross country trips with the 911 GTS engine at 198 mph, could get to their destination very quickly.  
Three men, Ray Kroc had a clear vision for the McDonald's franchise.  John D. Rockefeller and Thomas Edison, each had a clear vision for their endeavors.  These three men had three separate visions.  All three saw their visions transformed into reality.
Yet, every year, there are millions of men and women get a vision for what they really want to have and to achieve.  They have visions for both their personal lives and professional lives. 
 Yet at the same time, less than 1 percent of them actually see their visions transformed into reality.  Perhaps you are one of these 1 percent of individuals. 
You could ask the question, and should ask, what is the difference between them and you and the three men (a milkshake machine salesman, a ten cent an hour bookkeeper and a first-grade dropout)?
The vision mapping process is the engine that supplies all of the power you need to drive your vision in a very good and acceptable amount of time. 

The vision mapping process empowers you to achieve three powerful benefits in your life.

  1. It will enable you to transform vague, blurry dreams into clear, well-defined visions.
  2. It will make your dreams, that may seem impossible, to be possible. Your possible dreams will then become probable. Without this process, most of your dreams will be vague, blurry and remain only dreams.
  3. You'll be able to expand your dreams and achieve them more quickly than you could without going through vision mapping. 

Vision mapping is a four step process to help you convert your vision into reality. 

  1. Convert your dreams/visions into specific goals.  What you do in this step is simply to convert your vision into a group of general goals that you need to accomplish to fulfill your vision. 
  2. Convert those goals into specific steps.  What you do in this step is to convert each goal into the specific steps that need to be accomplished to achieve that goal.  You do this for each goal you set in step one. 
  3. Convert complex steps into tasks. This step is done by converting any complex step (for example a step that requires more than one task to be completed) into the specific tasks that need to be completed to take the step. 
  4. Set a targe completion date for each task, step, and goal. Once your steps have been converted into specific tasks, you have a detailed map to help you travel from where you are right now to the final achievement of your vision. Theh only left to do is to create a schedule for you to use to complete those tasks. 

Is vision mapping required to accomplish my vision?  No.  But just remember the difference between taking your cross country trip by bicycle with no GPS and travelling by way of the Porsche with the 911 GTS engine at 198 mph.  Vision mapping gives you a detailed roadmap regarding to make the vision God has given you.

In setting goals, steps and tasks, there's no better partner than the Holy Spirit.  After all, He gave you your vision in the first place. 

Pursue your destiny with excellence. 









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