Commit to What?

One of the big things that frustrated me when I was in university, was the need to choose a major of field of study.  I had a choice of a degree in business.  Or I had a choice of pursuing a degree in journalism.  

Within the business degree track, there was the choice of business management, accounting, marketing or general business.  There were various choiced within the journalism track as well.  

The choices above, of  course, didn't include career choices in the sciences, mathematics, education or the sciences.  

I had one problem.  In fact, it's one problem I've struggled with my whole life. I had an interest in so many of the degree fields.  But, I couldn't commit to just one and feel comfortable about it.  So many choices, yet I could pick just one.  I'd think I'd decided on one, then another choice looked attractive. 

So, what did I do?  I chose a degree path in business, with a marketing major.  What was the result?  I never, one time, worked in any job or career field, where I used my degree in marketing.  I forgot to tell you, I chose the marketing major because of all the majors one could pursue in business, marketing appeared to be the easiest one. It was a convenient choice. 

So, there's a question that you definitely need a to consider regarding your destiny.  There are two basic steps you must take.  The two I'm mentioining are the first two most basic steps. 

First, do you wish to discover God's destiny for you?  The second is, once you discover it, do you want to pursue God's destiny for your life? You'll need to think about these questions before you answer them. 

There's one more thing you need to decide regarding your destiny, before you answer the above questions. 

Are you totally committed to your call and destiny or are you just interested?  This is a huge question, with huge implications. 

How do you know if you're committed or just interested?  

To answer that question, let's look at an example.  Suppose there are two people who are thinking about travelling together to another country.  They both look at brochures and talk to travel agents. They both watch videos about the location.  

The day of the trip approaches.  They both take a cab to go to the airport.  Yet, only one gets out of the cab at the airport, gets on the plane and begins the flight to another country.

The person who didn't get on the plane only had an interest in travelling.  He looked at the material, talked to travel agents and watched videos of the location.  But, he didn't get on the plane.  

The other did all of the above things as well.  But, the difference was, she got on the plane.  Once the plane took off, there was no turning back.  She was committed to that trip.  

The same holds true for one's Christian life.  Some believers study the Bible diligently. They get to know Jesus intimately.  They have fervent and effective prayer lives.  Their understanding of the scriptures and spiritual things goes beyond the "normal".  They are able to hear God's voice and then obey with what they sense God saying to them. 

Other believers seem to live their lives day by day.  There's nothing much distinctive about them from anyone else. They may go to church once or twice a month.  They'll pray occasionally.  They'll read their Bibles occasionally, either intentionally or if they find the time. 

So what's the key difference between the two sets of believers.  The second group of believers are merely interested in their faith.  Do, participate in ways that are convenient to them.  They do only what's minimally requested.  They don't go out of their way to grow deeper in their faith.  They mostly exist in it. 

The first group are totally committed to their faith.  Jesus defined eternal life in John 17:3.. "This is eternal life. "That they may know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent".  That word "know" means having an intimate relationship with.  

So, those who are committed begin with John 17:3.  They believe it, know it and live it.  They are all in.

The same questions need to be answered regarding your calling and destiny in God.  Are you merely interested in discovering your calling and destiny?  Or are you totally committed to discovering your calling and destiny?

One can be interested without being committed.  We've looked at examples of that. 

Some people hesitate to embrace their calling because of things that have happened in their past.  But I'll tell you, what's happened in your past, is totally irrelevant.  What's relevant is the decision you make now regarding your calling.  The past is your history and has noi bearing on your present, unless you allow it to. 

What matters most about your calling and destiny is what you choose, righ now, starting today.  Your past is history.  It's gone.  It's past.  It's behind you.  

Are you interested or are you committed to your destiny?  Even after the examples, you may be asking what the main difference is

The main difference is when you're interested, you'll do what's convenient and easy.  You'll do what doesn't need God's help to achieve. 

If you're committed, you'll do whatever it takes. You'll take action with God in spite of your doubts and fears.  If you're committed you'll  upgrade your knowledge, skills and your belief system of what is possible for you to achieve. 

Jesus said that all things are possible for the one who believes (Mark 9:23).  

If you are serious and committed, you'll let go of anything that's holding you back...anything. 

So, are you interested in your calling and destiny or are you totally committed?  


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