Influence or Takeover?

Influence or Takeover?

Often when people read or hear about Christians influencing culture, they immediately think; "that person is wanting a theocracy. God hasn't called us to that!" No and yes. No, when one as myself addresses influencing culture, I'm not thinking theocracy. And yes, God hasn't called us to build a theocracy.

But, I am thinking of influence. For example, do you know where the idea of separation of powers, which our republic has, came from? It orginated in Switzerland. They realized the sinfulness of man and that he couldn't be trusted with all power invested in one branch of government.

Because of their belief in the sinfulness of man's heart, they separated government powers into three branches. Not only that, they located the three branches in three different locations. That is an example of influence.

Now, let's consider the LGBTQ community. It's estimated that approximately 4.5-5 percent of Americans are LGBTQ. Yet, that very small minority has gained great influence in America.

We by no means have a LGBTQ country, but by the influence of that small minority, you'd think we did. You're seeing the LGBTQ agenda pushed in school, in movies, on television, in sports and elsewhere. Even the Hallmark channel announced they wanted in on the act. Their influence has made society conducive to spreading the LGBTQ gospel.

In the same way, Kingdom influence penetrates and influences all the different spheres of influence in society. Society is not taken over with a theocracy being established. The Kingdom influences so that Kingdom ideas and values are allowed to flourish, with the Kingdom message being spread through sports, media, entertainment, etc...

We are called to disciple nations, but not to take over nations. Jesus will do that when He returns. We are called to much more than individual conversions only. God desires for His Kingdom to influence all of society.


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